Réalisation : Photoshop

Imprimé Soi : Les Pétales

Crédit : Ivi Dervishi

Date de Création : October 2016

Ivi created an illustration around our Petal print. She tells us more about herself and her creative world.

Who are you ?

I am a 24 year old painter and printmaker from Albania. I completed a BA and MA degree in Graphic Art and Printmaking from the University of Arts, Tirana. I have been traveling a bit around Europe, lived in Oslo for a short while but recently moved to Riga, Latvia. I have noticed that traveling enhances my productivity in art.


Art is ?

For me, it is the ability to notice and bring into spotlight beauty, even when looking through the darkest or the most unimaginable places.

Why did you choose this print ?

It reminded me of some of my designs and colors in my artworks, and wanted to see how I could combine them together with this print.



What technique did you use for your creation ?

I used photoshop to combine my artworks with the print.

Do you wear prints ? If yes, how do you wear them, discreetly or excentric ?

Usually I like to wear them in shirts,scarfes and dresses. That probably doesn’t make me descreet but neither excentric. I like to find a balance in everything.


Tell me more about your neighbourhood, hobbies, your way of life ?

There are three main components that make my life beautiful and a whole : art, family and traveling.


Your projects, dreams ?

Everything conected to succeding in the art scene, exhibitions, residences, showing my art to a wider public.

A song that makes you think of the print you chose ?

Mogwai- Take me somewhere nice

Credits :

Thank you Ivi for your illustration !

Find Ivi’s Portfolio on

Instagram : @ivi_artpage

And our full collection on

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